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THE SPIRIT OF TEA on Television in China!

This 3 minute clip is from a 6 part documentary on Tea from China Central Television (CCTV1, the main TV station in China), broadcast throughout China in November, 2013. Episode #6, on how tea has transformed people’s destiny, featured Matthew London and his book and exhibition THE SPIRIT OF TEA.

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•For the CCTV Website (Chinese only) please visit: http://jishi.cntv.cn/special/cha/

•To view the entire series (On YouTube, but Chinese language only) please visit http://bit.ly/1hDm0Ls



The Spirit of Tea is sublime

Tea is beautiful
But the Spirit of Tea is sublime

Its essence is simple
To be present in the moment
And find the peace within

May the Spirit of Tea
Flow into teacups
Throughout the world

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2012 and The Spirit of Tea

Just returned from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, finishing up the photography for The Spirit of Tea. Will be living in the San Francisco Bay Area where I will be writing and editing the book.

Here is a small taste. More soon !


On the Beauty of Death

Just heard that the father of a fellow Tea Lover, Kevin Rose, passed away today. This post is dedicated to Kevin. My heart goes out to you.

My own Grandfather, Roy R. Neuberger, passed away on Dec 24th, 2010 at the age of 107 1/2.

I wrote the following for his memorial…


I’d like to say a few words about the Beauty of Death.

Borrowing from Aristotle, a Syllogism:

To be born is beautiful.
To be born is to die.
Therefore dying is beautiful.

And then to paraphrase Epicurus:

“……. death is nothing to us. For all good and evil consists in sensation, but death is deprivation of sensation. And therefore a right understanding that death is nothing to us makes the mortality of life enjoyable, not because it adds to it an infinite span of time, but because it takes away the craving for immortality. For there is nothing terrible in life for the man who has truly comprehended that there is nothing terrible in not living.
“…death, the most terrifying of ills, is nothing to us, since so long as we exist, death is not with us; but when death comes, then we do not exist. It does not then concern either the living or the dead, since for the former it is not, and the latter are no more.”

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Back in California

I’ve been working steady for more than four years in China, focusing mostly on content, content, content for THE SPIRIT OF TEA. I’ve shot well over 100,000 exposures and have more than 90% of the images I need for my book. I will be taking one quick trip back to China in October for the remainder, and then coming back to California to sit down to edit and write.

But content creation is just one step in any successful production. To get the work out to the world requires brilliant branding and marketing. I’m extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to attend Tim Ferriss’  seminar Opening The Kimono in Napa this weekend. I really like his work and his approach to many things in life. The timing is perfect to give THE SPIRIT OF TEA a well needed shot of adrenaline. We’ve been asked not to share details of the seminar, but you WILL be seeing the results !


End of a journey…

I’m in the Hong Kong Airport after a four month trip in China working on THE SPIRIT OF TEA. It was an exhausting, yet extremely productive trip. I’ll be writing more soon with stories about the trip and some samples of my recent work. Stay tuned !

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