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Back in California

I’ve been working steady for more than four years in China, focusing mostly on content, content, content for THE SPIRIT OF TEA. I’ve shot well over 100,000 exposures and have more than 90% of the images I need for my book. I will be taking one quick trip back to China in October for the remainder, and then coming back to California to sit down to edit and write.

But content creation is just one step in any successful production. To get the work out to the world requires brilliant branding and marketing. I’m extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to attend Tim Ferriss’  seminar Opening The Kimono in Napa this weekend. I really like his work and his approach to many things in life. The timing is perfect to give THE SPIRIT OF TEA a well needed shot of adrenaline. We’ve been asked not to share details of the seminar, but you WILL be seeing the results !

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